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Originally Posted by Marion Burbage View Post
Marion was just about to sliding into her seat, which was hopefully her's this time, when she simply could not NOT notice the young thing sitting down beside her. Hmm...going alphabetically...that would make her the Care of Magical Creatures professor, would it not?

Looking the young woman up and down with a critical eye, she arched one of her perfectly plucked eyebrows at her. Just because she spent most of her time with creatures did not mean she had to dress like one. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..." she said as she now slide into her seat, eyebrow still raised ever so obviously. "Informal means semi-formal, not casual, dear." Which means knee-length dress or skirt and not jeans.

Where was a dying pet when you really, really needed one?

Not that Vanora really wanted anyone's pet to be dying, or anyone's pet to be dead for that matter, but she would have taken anything if it meant she could excuse herself from the staff table. And possibly not come back until after the feast. She felt like she was being stared at! Or, in the case of the woman who sat down beside her, she was really being 'hmmmed' at.

And what was she going on about? Informal meaning semi-formal.. That was just confusing. And it wasn't like she was dressed completely casual. Her shirt was nice.. ish. At least it was clean! "Extinction also means extinction. But I'm not talking to you about it." she shrugged her shoulders as if that comment meant nothing before turning her attention to the other side of the table.

There was Cece!

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Bunz's gaze drifted away from the little girl at the table and moved on down the table, toward the woman in the Care of Magical Creatures spot. Ugh, in all her time at Hogwarts, that seat had ALWAYS been occupied by someone who didn't know how to dress. First it has been Iliana, now it was.... Vanora? Was it?

What a weird name for a weird-dressing woman. The redhead wrinkled her nose at the professor's attire and shook her head, subtly sending the message that her outfit was not appropriate for a feast, and then turned back toward the other end of the table.
Who was sitting just a few seats away from the Headmistress.

The Headmistress who.. was not happy with the way she was dressed either. Really! Her shirt was clean. It was just a good thing she decided to leave Grise back in her office. Merlin knew, that would have given her some not so subtle looks.

Vanora gave the woman a smile anyway.

Originally Posted by Droo View Post
"Pleasure to meet you, Professor." Ian said to the woman who had just entered.
Before turning her eyes even further down the table. To someone who was not turned off by the way she was dressed. "Hello!" she sat up just a little straighter in her seat as she sent him a finger wiggling wave.

Was she going to get looks for talking across the table?


"Pleasure to meet you as well." Perhaps there could be some type of introduction later.

Originally Posted by DanialRadFAN01 View Post

"Vanora, that's a very pretty name." Callie tried for a second to think of some star or planetary body that had a name similar but couldn't think of any..oh well. Callie of course noticed the woman's different clothing choice than the rest of them but just assumed it had something to do with the unorthodox life of a Care of Magical Creatures Professor--William had never dressed up really.

"Oh this? Thanks so much I went to Diagon Alley to buy is specifically for tonight. You could borrow it sometime if you want." She assumed the girl wasn close to her size and if not, they WERE witches afterall. "You know those two ladies and fellows by the Headmistress are the Board of Governors right? They could fire us if they wanted to." Or at least she thought they could, either way Callie had been prepared for the night; the new woman shouldn't worry though, Callie was known to bring up random and sometimes inappropriate topics. Who would ever get fired in front of a Great Hall full of students? *cough* Ethan Truebridge *cough*
Calista was nice, Vanora decided. And it had nothing to do with the fact that she thought her name was pretty.

Okay, it did have something to do with that. But just a little something. She smiled, "Thank you!" Her mother gave it to her. "Yours is pretty, and very fitting for a Divination Professor." Somehow. It just seemed like those two things went together. A subject and a name. Yup.

And just when she thought Calista was nice, the blonde had to go and get all suspicious on her. Was it because she came to the feast wearing jeans that she offered to let her borrow her dress? If she did take up that offer, was she allowed to borrow the woman's bracelets as well? Those were also pretty. "Oh. Thank you." Again. "Not quite sure where I would wear that to, but if I think of somewhere.." Vanora briefly wondered what else Calista was willing to let her borrow until her attention was brought down to the other end of the table once more. To the Board of Governors.

Who apparently could fire them. Huh. "I don't think that will happen." After all, that one Governor had just climbed over her chair. And bopped everyone on the head.

SPOILER!!: speech, plants, elves *whaa*
Just kidding.

Before she could say much of anything else to Calista, Vanora spotted the Headmistress stand from the corner of her eye. And even if she hadn't, she would have surely heard the ringing from the tap of the goblet. She eyed the Board of Governors as they were all introduced, some more familiar than the others, and clapped to the beat of B-I-N-G-O afterwards. She had to keep herself entertained somehow..

..was what she thought, up until the sound of the Hogwarts elves filled the Great Hall.

Lowering her hands, Vanora placed them on the table and leaned forward to get a glimpse of the little creatures. How cute were they!? Carry that very pink plant. Although, they probably could have found a better way to carry it. She could hardly see them behind it!

Oh look.. Cookies, a missing Beater's bat, more students and food.

Speech was done.

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