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Originally Posted by The1HBIC View Post
Finally getting to sit in her own seat Cece acknowledged those on either side of her. "Hello Seren." She then turned to the man on her right, who was not Waylon. "Hello, I assume you're the new groundskeeper." Who could have done a better job a drying himself off. "I'm Healer Cecelia Tillstorm."
Turning in his seat, Seb gave the woman who had sat down right beside him a warm smile. "A pleasure to meet you Cecelia. And yes I am the new Groundskeeper. Sebastian Gibbins." He held his hand out towards the young woman. "I have a feeling you're going to have a busy night." There had been students with broken bones after all.

Originally Posted by MeredithRodneyMckay View Post
"You're very welcome." Isabelle raised her goblet to the man and smiled. So many new faces. So many important ones. She was dearly hoping every one would be on their best behaviour.

Looking back down at her plate, Issy swallowed her drink and went about filling that up with some potatoes. She was awfully hungry.
Sebastian raised his own goblet back to the woman and raised his eyebrows. "Transfiguration?" Well she was at the end of the table so one would assume that's what she taught.

Originally Posted by Harold Lagerty View Post
"Well you did a damn fine job, it seems you're in the right career path then!" Yes good show and Hops liked the man's layed back and easy going attitude plus he was modest; good qualities for those in his position.

He did a good job too? "Well thank but usually the people are already corralling themselves to me at the bar so that was a new experience alright." Harold chuckled as the man went to find his seat.
Well he could certainly get used to this. His first day and already someone was singing his praises. Maybe he could get a payrise. Not that he needed one mind you. He made enough to get by. "It seems so." he said grinning at the man. Yes that's all he had ever known. Taking care of the land.

Seb raised his goblet in the man's direction. "Cheers to new experiences then."

Originally Posted by Davvy_Wavvy View Post
Sophia's eyed flicked towards the new grounds keeper and lingered there for a little....he looked so husband.

Er...why was that woman looking at him like that. First the Headmistress and now this woman.

Did he have something on his face?

Seb gave her a tentative smile and a small wave before she finally looked away.

He was just thinking about starting on his food when the Gryffindor Prefect was there and he couldn't help the broad smile spreading across his face. He had been extremely impressed with the way the young lady had handled herself out on the station.

"Thank you Kurumi." he said picking up a cookie and putting it to the side. He would eat it after he had eaten his dinner. "I really think someone should be making you something after your efforts tonight."


And then the house elves were there carrying a huge plant and Seb eyed it with interest. It was a beautiful plant indeed. He misses working with plants of this kind.

Before he could dwell on it any further, he felt another bop on his head and Seb blinked at the strange woman as she passed by and headed into the throng of students.

How strange.

Originally Posted by The Adorable One View Post
But then she had to stop!!! Shiny Ground's keeper!!! She paused right infront of him and gave him a wide grin and a wave. If only she could talk then she would say hi...for now waving would work!
Just as he was about to take a bite out of bread roll a figure standing in front of him caused Seb to look up and lo and behold there was the little Gryffindor who had made him laugh so much back at the station. He wiggled his fingers at her in a wave and grinned.

She was so adorable. Reminded him of his daughter Mia at that age.

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