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Our new Headmistress obviously has some changes she wishes to make

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

Annie had to admit, the way the elves addressed her was amusing. Weren't they so much sweeter now that they worked for her? She would have brought Pinky along to work with them too, had it not been for the fact that he needed to be taking care of her boys back home.

But anyway, they were still being interruptive. They were naive and unaware of the going-ons of the feast, but.... they couldn't just stay here and listen, could they? Anastasia glanced toward the people at her table and noted that the adorable baby elf had crawled up to Lainey's lap and was currently drying off her face.

Awwwwwwwwwwww. Well why not. They should stay, if only to provide amusement for dinner. "No no, Pips, don't be sorry. Thank you for the plant." Her smile came back and she gestured for the elf to deliver the plant up to the table where Cassandra had indicated it could go.

"Scary plant?" Annie echoed the little pink elf who'd just spoken to Cassandra. "It's not scar--- know what, Beezley, I'll just take that off your hands, mmkay? You and Pips can sit on the edge of the dais, if you'd like, and I'll come visit with you once I finish my speech. Will that be okay?"

She would have invited them to sit with the students, but that wouldn't really be proper, having elves at the table and all. So instead, Annie flicked her wand into her hand and quickly levitated the plant away from the elves' tired arms and onto her side of the table. She settled the plant into a spot near her chair, but no so close that it would get knocked off if somebody scooted back, and then continued on with her speech. Better finish it before something ELSE happened this evening.

"Now then, warm welcomes aside, I have a few start-of-term notices to give out. First, I'd like to thank everyone for their cooperation during the... train incident earlier." Anastasia's speech and expression took on a serious, authoritative tone. "Such an abnormality occurs only once a blue moon, and I assure you, students and staff, that no more abnormalities will occur under my watch and tenure as the Head of Hogwarts. I will do my personal best to ensure the safety and education of all students at Hogwarts remains protected at all times. You should all always feel safe and welcome at Hogwarts while you call it your home, and even after you graduate and find yourself a new home.

"Second, I plan to work closely with the Board of Governors in a more symbiotic relationship than prior history dictates, and I also plan to make some changes around Hogwarts that will hopefully benefit all who are effected by this esteemed school of magic." She smiled congenially, confidently at this part and raised her hands in an open arms gesture. "And finally, with all that has been said and done this evening, I would like to invite you to dig in to the feast that has been painstakingly prepared for us by the wonderful Hogwarts House Elves. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for me, please come to my suite on the second floor after the feast."

There. Now they could eat, for as Headmistress Truebridge lifted her hands, the food Pips, Beezley, Toddles, and the other elves had prepared magically appeared on all five of the Great Hall tables.
But what does it matter? Food has finally graced our tables!

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