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Originally Posted by Harold Lagerty View Post
Hops also eyed Truebridge before leaning back behind the Headmistress's chair to speak in low voices with the President. "Yes, that is for us to wait and find out it would seem, but I'm hoping her past loyalty to the school will facter into our side." She had been a previous Professor after all and surely she would want was best for the school.

The glance to and mention of the man sitting on is other side was something he had definately expected and along the lines of what he had been thinking himself. Harold had made a point to get to know the man as best as possible in hopes to sway his vote along the 'right' way when it came to make decisions that would possibly lessen the grip the Ministry had on them and she well knew that he was making those efforts. "Yes but hopefully his new-found commitments will begin to dilute his schoolmate antics."
"I'm not worried about her," Cassandra flicked raindrops from her shoulder, but her eyes never left Hops. He was a good man, and she liked having him so close to the students. "I'm worried about us."

The BoG were... weakened by letting the Minister put his thumb on them. "Keep working on him, sir. I hope he'll listen to reason."

Originally Posted by Beezley View Post
When the plant shifted again, Beezley knew they were at the big table now. She knew, because she'd been in this place so, so many times. Elfsies knew their way around places where food was served. Yes, they did.

Now to give the big, scary, leafy plant to Missus Truebridge. Beezley could hear talking, and Beezley didn't want to interrupt. Missus Truebridge seemed as scary as fire, she did. Fire, just like her bright, red hair.

The elf cleared her throat as she stopped in front of the big table.
Oooh, Merlin. Cassandra noticed the elves struggling under an enormous plant. Was that... coming all the way up there?

"Put it down right here. I'll make room." She shifted her plate and goblet over. "Do you... need help?"
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