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Pips stopped in front of Beezley, cleared his throat as well, hushed Toddles, and began to speak. "Headmistress with Red Hair, the elvsies is bringing you big pink plant in big pink pot with big pink bow and big pink tag with Headmistress' name on it," he said, hiccuping nervously and pushing the plant in the lady's direction. "I is Pips and these is Beezley and Toddles and Nimma and Tippin. The elvsies is late and we is sorry. We is ironing our ears extra hard tonight, we is."


"Is Headmistress with red Hair upset with the elvsies?" He asked, going into a hiccuping fit. He looked up at the big hoomans at the table and hiccuped several more times. "We is very sorry. We hope Headmistress with Red Hair is forgiving us."

.. And where had Toddles gone?! Into a mistress' LAP?!

"Toddles! Toddles mustn't bother the Mistress or Pips and Nimma is taking away Toddles' snack, they is!" he warned sternly. "Pips says toddles must get off Mistress now!"

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