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Default Staff and Elves! Oh and....shifty

The Elfsies had done it, they did what the red haired lady told them too! They did so good Toddles wanted to run around the room and dance like he loved to do. Big pink plant was still on his head.

No one spoke, not Pips, not Nimma, not Beezley, no one. So Toddles did.

"SPECIAL DEWIVERY!!!" There, that was that. Head lady wasn't still talking was she?

Originally posted by Mad Eye Touz
Lainey scratched her nose at him, too.




"I rode the trunk instead. Saved some energy." THen she rung out her hair into a napkin.

"WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!" One woop for her and Rae, and the rest for all that Headmistressy-speech-ness. Lainey air punched to get the WHOLE HALL WOOPING. EVERYONE NOW. WOOP FOR ALL THIS NEW STUFF AND tainted House Elf food. Okay.
Now the plant was getting heavy and giving Toddles a headache so the baby elfsie snuck out from underneath it without the other elfsies seeing him and scurried under the table to look at all the pretty shoes. Toddles was told he couldn't wear shoes but his feet got cold, they did.

One in particular caught his attention they were VERY wet. Yucky. Toddle looked at them and slowly climbed up one tall leg and then the other. Suddenly his baby elf head popped up over the table as he SAT IN PROFESSOR LAINEY'S LAP.

"You're all wet Misses, want Toddles to help?" he slooooowly raied part of his pillowcase and wiped her cheek ever-so-gently-like. Big baby House Elf eyes.
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