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Originally Posted by ortalismusicoh View Post
Watching the people walk by was a little facinating and it kept Nessie's pretty preoccupied. She was looking at all the clothing people were wearing which was a huge giveaway as to which where magical or not. She had seen quiet a few people wearing odd things and you could immediately tell they were not very accustomed to being around muggles and their ways.

With a pout the Hufflepuff looked back at her watch again. There was still some time. She looked up only to be a little surprised with what was right before her now. There was a girl with her trolley, that hadn't been there earlier and seemed to have somehow magically appeared. It was a little frightening because of the surprise and the owl too, but Ness calmed down almost immediately.

Puffles was highly aware of this, and seemed to be even before Ness. He was bouncing up and down, with excitement in he's eyes. He always did that when there was something new to see, or in this case it could have been seeing the owl all locked up. He liked teasing them when they were stuck in their cages, it somehow amused him.

said Ness as she returned the girl a small smile. "Almost crash? ..Um..I didn't even notice, it's alright." More smiling. "You on your way to Platform Nine and Three Quarters?"This girl looked magically especially because of her owl, and hopefully she wasn't taking a risk by mentioning the platform.

Harlan eyed the... creature on the girl's shoulder and frowned. Definitely not a Muggle animal. Or maybe it was a new dog type, cause her aunt had fancy dogs too.. But even then, Harlan thought it would most likely be some fancy Wizarding thing, because she knew a LOT about animals.
She smiled at the... thing. 'What's... that?'
Harlan looked away awkwardly, she didn't like sounding so.. uneducated.

Harlan smiled a bit again, apparently her near-crash had gone unnoticed, perfect. She couldn't just start Hogwarts looking like she was dumb or something.. Cause she really wasn't! Harlan straightened out her shirt.
'Oh, well... that's good then! Cause I didn't mean to crash in to you, even if I didn't yet..' That sounded about right. Harlan wouldn't ever crash into anyone, because she was super nice and likeable.

'Platform Nine and... Three Quarters? Yeah.' Harlan nodded awkwardly, choosing not to mention that she had no idea where the platform was. It was bad enough that everyone knew everyone and she'd be there knowing just... three people. Or something like that. Not a lot anyway. She'd only embarrass herself more by not knowing where the platform was. 'So... you're headed to Hogwarts too?'
Harlan eyed the girl, she seemed nice enough. 'I'm... new.' She nodded, a small smile on her face. 'I'm Harlan.'

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