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Post Bonnie Wright attends LCC BAFTA "Separate We Come" screening, talks future films

Bonnie Wright attended the London College of Communication BAFTA screening this week, where she debuted her short film, her directorial project Separate We Come, Separate We Go, for the first time in the U.K. to an audience. The former Harry Potter actress briefly discussed her directing work in the short feature, as well as future acting projects she has in the pipeline this year, including In Want of A Wife, and Shakespeare's Daughter, the latter of which will begin production in New England later this month.

Bonnie also noted that she's currently working on a second short feature, as well as a music video with her Separate We Come... cinematographer.

"That might set the alarm bells ringing, but the main story message is to take opportunities in life and to be spontaneous,” she said [of Separate We Come, Separate We Go].

The ex-Harry Potter star is acting in three films this year, and is already working on a second short film.

[Separate We Come, Separate We Go], she says, is completely removed from personal experience. “Separate we Come, Separate we Go is in no way autobiographical, but it is inspired by the time I have spent in Dungeness and my parents have a house there.

“With this new film, I want to try something new, to be out of my comfort zone,” she said.
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