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Originally Posted by Hermione Lily Potter View Post
Benjy just laughed as Lyra spoke about names. "I do enjoy unique names, and yes, Robin would be very unique and not seen often." He wasn't sure how they got onto the topic of naming their kids but he was fine with it. "And thank you. I'm really not sure which department I want to enter. Maybe MLE but I'm not really sure." Ahh, and she wasn't working. "That sounds like a good way to spend a few years. I wish I had the ability to travel like that..." He probably would be able to, but he had decided to work and get some money saved before he went off having fun.

Oooo, a deal. A treat if Lyra named the teams wrong... too bad that they were announced the way she had called it. "Well, it looks like you had it right. So maybe I owe you a treat." Benjy replied winking before pulling out some of the candy he had bought earlier. "Chocolate frog?" He always got distracted by food so it took a few seconds before he responded to the next statement. "That's quite a story. Also, if you need any help moving in, just let me know and I can help out." Grin. He wouldn't mind helping out, especially if it meant seeing Lyra again. "Once Hogwarts get's out for the summer, I'd be glad to meet her." Now Benjy got a funny smirk. He wasn't sure why but he thought that it had to do with the fact that he had said that he had never met someone that didn't like pygmy puffs.

"I am glad that you are confident in me." Even if she hadn't seen him play. "Next time I meet up with some of my uni buddies, I should bring you along and we can play together." That would be fun, wouldn't it...

"Oh,... I had a half brother. He was four years older than me and..." Sigh... "he was out one night partying with friends and well, he didn't make it home..... He was driving, drunk. Only his best friend who was in the passenger seat survived the crash." At this Benjy averted his eyes, though he wasn't tearing up. He just felt odd telling this story, especially to wizardfolk who may never have driven a car.

But, quickly he made sure to move on to the next subject. "So she has OWLs this year?... and I do actually. This is my cousin's first year. I think she's a ravenclaw like I was." He was so excited to see her and ask her about what she though of Hogwarts.

"Well, if you think the pink players are good then I'm going to have to root for them as well." Benjy gave her a little squeeze just as they flew by. He was really enjoying this. Whoever had paired them up was a genius. "Are you having fun yet?" He asked playfully, just as the puffs took a shot at the hoops.
"Exactly!" Lyra exclaimed as she threw her head back and laughed "Although, I'm not so sure that any child of mine would appreciate being named after a bird."

"Oh! MLE? That's the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, right?" The blonde then repeated with a smile "So you wanna be an auror?" truly, did the MLE have anything else? She wasn't quite sure, but maybe Benjy was. She would have to remember to ask him...

She then sighed as she leaned back against her seat, before replying "It is, although, times like this it makes me wish that I should have done something productive after gradaution. Most people my age already have jobs, families, and all that. I don't have any of those." Then she craned her neck to look up and him and added "Like you for example, you have your whole life mapped out before you, you know where you want to go and how you're going to get there."

"That should teach you, never to bet against me." She said smugly as she settled deeper into the chair, reveling in the warmth that Benjy gave. Quidditch matches usually never seemed this cold...but then, Quidditch matches were rarely this empty either. No wild fans bouncing up and down their seats making the air all humid and sticky. She then took the chocolate frog that he had offered gratefully and opened the packaging carefully, taking care not to let the edible frog escape her two-fingered hold as she examined the card that came with it. "Huh, Albus Dumbledore..again." She said with a frown and a roll of her eyes before looking up at Benjy "Do you collect chocolate frog cards?" She asked before biting into the frog that had slowly begun to melt, spreading a small amount of chocolate on her thumb and index finger.

Lyra then smiled gratefully as she nodded at his offer "Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'm going to need all the help I could get. The last owner left it like a watermelon had exploded in the apartment or something." She said wryly, her thoughts briefly turning towards the terrible state that her new apartment was in. Stupid realty offices not making sure that the place was in good shape.

Someone was excited to meet Cass? Well, that wasn't new. "You won't be so glad when you actually do. " The woman warned as she rolled her eyes playfully "The little snake is a blonde devil. Trust me." Then she added, almost conspiratorially "I personally think it's from staying in the dungeons too long. The damp air must have gotten to her head the first time she ever set foot in that castle."

"Of course. How could I not be?" She replied cheerily as she smiled up at him brightly. Then she shook her head at his generous offer as she declined as gracefully as she could "I think I'd rather stick with cheering, actually." She said with a smile "I could be your personal cheerleader or something." She continued with a shrug "I'm sure you guys already have these dynamics going on when you play, and I really don't want to ruin it by just jumping in."

Oh. He had lost a brother?! That was terrible! She couldn't even begin to phantom how that must feel like. She didn't care about the circumstances, of course not, after all she knew so little about cars - or muggle contraptions in general - but the loss was the same, whether someone had died by magical means or not. She was pretty sure it was the same sharp sting. "I'm so sorry for your loss." She said gently, placing a comforting hand over his as she sighed sadly. "I shouldn't have asked."

Lyra then nodded as she closed her eyes and smiled, her mind briefly drifting to the memory of Cass coming home just a couple of days ago, throwing a terrible temper tantrum as she stomped out of the fireplace "I don't think her OWLs went well though." She admitted with a sigh "She's been absolutely terrible company since she came home. So I'm guessing something went wrong with her exams." After all, her nerd of a cousin only seems to get riled up when it came to the insane expectations that she had set upon herself. She then perked up when he admitted that he also had a cousin that studied and Hogwarts "I'm sure she did beautifully." She said with a bright smile "I won't be surprised if she already has plans for the summer with the friends that she had met over the term." She then asked "What's her name?"

"What's the team's name again?" he asked softly. She then grinned as he tightened his hold around her shoulders as the small players whizzed past them "Of course." She replied "You?"
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