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Hey Allison, very intense! I don't know what kind of advice I would give her. She is caught in between too many rocks and hard places to be able to give her sound advice. Bonding with Harry is suppose to make him be able to have enough power to kill Voldemort and survive, but then Draco makes it sound like it would be in their best interest if they did bond, so she shouldn't bond with him.
I can tell you that they are going to do everything in their power to make it seem like there will be no way to save Harry unless he has your magic to help him.
I wanted Abby and Harry to be in love, but Draco does seem to need her;
"Yeah?" Draco said, not completely convinced but willing to cling to my mere suggestion of hope.
I'm always for the underdog when they are able to hope.
"Yeah...I think I may have an idea."
I've been checking to see if she has come forth with this idea, but so far she hasn't. I hope you can post soon.
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