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Originally Posted by Hermione Lily Potter View Post
"I think if I were to have kids, they wouldn't be the typical names. I really don't know why parents just reuse names... you'd think that after a few, you would get tired of the names." Benjy grinned as he shook his head slightly. About the work..."Well, currently I'm doing odd jobs along with roofing for a former muggle neighbor. I'm hoping to get a job at the ministry soon." Grinning he turned towards Lyra. "What about you? What do you do for work?"

Benjamin simply nodded as his date adjusted the bag. "I'll have to trust your judgment with the teams, but we'll know for sure when they announce it." He looked first at the frogs and then toward the puffs as they warmed up before their match. "I'm guessing that you live in France..." The red-head smiled. "So what brought you to great diagon alley?" It seemed like a fairly long distance to be traveling on a daily basis... granted, Benjy had somewhat forgotten that you could use apparation or floo powder to get place quickly... that's what happens when you live in a muggle neighborhood and walk to work every day. "I don't think I've ever met someone that didn't like pygmy puffs." He replied laughing a bit.

He just grinned at Lyra as she joked around with him about his quidditch stuff. "Well, I could make the reserve team and still not be good if the main team was no good." Laughing for real, he glanced between the warming up players and his date. "I see. I have no siblings anymore either. I like playing with my young cousin as well as occasionally with university classmates who were on the reserve team with me. So what year is your niece in at Hogwarts?"

"That would probably be a good idea." Benjy replied just as the official blew his whistle to signify the end of warmups, meaning that there was only five minutes before the match began. He made sure that he was comfortable in the seat, also glancing over to see if Lyra was also comfortable, before placing his arm around her. "Who do you think will win?" he asked quietly as the game started and the little kids zoomed around the pitch.
"Exactly!" Lyra said with a laugh and she rolled her eyes at the thousands of parents out there that use common names "I mean, there's nothing wrong with naming your child 'Richard' or 'John' or whatever, but wouldn't it be better if they were unique?" Then her eyebrows furrowed together for a moment in mild concentration before speaking up once more "If I were to have kids, I would probably name them something like Robin - I mean, you don't see a lot of witches or wizards walking around named Robin, right?" Right, she was way too young to start thinking about having kids though. "Oh, well good luck with the ministry position then." She said with an encouraging smile "What department are you aiming for anyway?" At his question, the young blonde shook her head and smiled "Oh, I'm not working at the moment." She said "I just got back from touring the world actually." She admitted with an embarrassed blush, admitting that she had just wasted three years of her life galavanting around the world was making her slightly shameful "I wanted to learn more than what the classrooms had to offer me." Then she smiled and added "and on September, when term starts, I would be enrolling in the Wizarding University at Edinburgh to major in either Wizarding Law or Diplomacy and Wizarding Relations - I haven't quite made up my mind yet."

The girl grinned up at him and winked playfully "Trust me, if I'm wrong, I owe you a treat." She promised. Besides, she was fairly confident that she was right - or at least she hoped that she was. "Yes, at the moment." She said with a nod "But I'm planning on moving to London soon." She admitted with a laugh "Maybe we'll bump into each other once I do." Then she laughed "It's a funny story really." She began "My cousin owled me saying that she needed my help around the house since she was just recently released from the hospital after collapsing out of sheer exhaustion, but then when I got here, I found that she was perfectly fine and that the woman was just itching for company since her daughter was still away at Hogwarts." Crazy cousins. Then the woman rolled her eyes and said "Then I'm going to have to introduce you to my niece someday."

"Either way, I stand by my statement." She insisted as she crossed her arms over her chest and laughed "Even if I haven't seen you play, I think you're a great Quidditch player."

"Wait." She said with a frown "Anymore? Why the past tense?"

"Oh, that must have been fun." She replied with a smile, "I've honestly never played a game of Quidditch with a full team before." She said with a sigh "I don't have a lot of relatives and playing with the guys at Beauxton's is like playing muggle dodge ball in the air." She added wryly. At the mention of Cass, Lyra smiled and said "5th year actually. What about you? Do you have relatives that are still at Hogwarts?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm rooting for the ones in pink." She replied cheekily and just as quietly as she smiled up at him before snuggling closer as the players zoomed past, causing cold air to sweep past them.
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