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Originally Posted by Hermione Lily Potter View Post

"I could say the same about your name." Benjy replied grinning. "I find that common names can be confusing at times. I've worked with multiple Johns and others with similar names. Many times you then need to clarify using last names." The red-head looked off into the stadium as he kinda chuckled.

"That's what I'm hoping..." He looked briefly at his date and then at the bag. He didn't typically bring gifts to first dates but he had a good feeling about this one...

Benjy grinned even more as Lyra interlocked arms with him. This always made him feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed. "Yep, I don't know how good they are or have been... I don't even know what color they are..." He replied, laughing as he watched the little kids zooming all over the place. "I'm sure it will be a good match, and I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Do you have a pygmy puff?" Kinda a random question but it had to do with the topic of fuzziness.

He nodded as Lyra told of how she played Quidditch, even though very little. "I have played. I was a reserve on my university team, though I never thought of myself as good. I do enjoy playing when I get the chance." Even though that was very rare since he had lived in the muggle world for most of his time since school. "So you said that your friends didn't like brooms... when you play, do you play with siblings? Relatives?"

About the food, Benjy just decided to purchase a few things of candy that they could share before leading his date over toward their seats. "Ah... right here." A pair of seats right on the end of a row. "Would you like to sit, or would you rather walk around a bit more before the match?" After all, they seemed to have a few minutes before it started.
"Definitely." Lyra said in agreement, grinning back at him as they walked into the stadium "I've had to deal with the same thing at school too. Way too many girls named Emily or Dominique running around the halls." She said with a laugh "You would think parents would manage to think of more original names than reusing popular ones." At the mention of work, the blonde glanced up and asked "What kind of work do you do?"

"Let's make sure to have a good time then." She said with a smile as she hooked the handles of the bag through her other arm, holding it like a satchel.

She then glanced towards the still relatively empty stadium and watched the children zip through the air before pointing towards the field where a bunch of kids decked in green and blue uniforms were warming up and said "I'm guessing those are the Moon Frogs." her eyes then flew to the other side of the field where a group in pink and white Quidditch robes were doing the same and pointed towards them "So they must be the Pygmy Puffs."

"No, unfortunately not." The woman answered with a small frown "Last time I checked, there wasn't a single Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes store in France where I can buy one, and I'm not sure if the fuzzy little creatures could stand travelling via portkey if I buy one from here." Then she rolled her eyes before adding "I could keep them here, at my cousin's house while I'm away, but, for some insane reason, my niece isn't very fond of Pygmy Puffs and so that shoots down that idea."

At the thought of Benjy not thinking that he was good in Quidditch, Lyra let out a small laugh before replying "That's nonsense." She then rolled her eyes at him humorously and said "You wouldn't be in your University's reserve team if you were any good, would you?" Then she shrugged "Mostly relatives. I don't have any siblings, so I spend my time playing one-on-one with my cousin, Cath. and sometimes, when my niece is home from Hogwarts, we fly together and I teach her how to play Quidditch."

"How 'bout we just stay here?" She suggested with a smile as she sat down "We might have a hard time coming back to our seats once the game starts if we walk around." Then she checked her wrist watch and added "Besides, the game's about to start anyway."
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