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Originally Posted by Hermione Lily Potter View Post
Benjy smiled as he watched Lyra turn pink, but didn't say anything trying not to embarrass her. "Is Benjy not a common name, or Lyra?" He asked with a smile, trying to determine which she was referring to. "Though I think neither is very common."

As Lyra took the present, Benjy managed to find the tickets in his pocket and pulled them out as she saw what was in the bag. "You are very welcome. That way if this goes well, every time you see the bear, you will think of me." Now it was Benjy's turn to turn a slight shade of pink. He was never good at picking out gifts for dates, and it didn't help that his buddies who usually helped him were who knows where. But this time he had picked correctly. What girl didn't like teddy bears?

As Lyra closed up the bag, Benjy held out his arm so that if she wanted, they could interlock their arms as they walked towards the entrance. "I think it's the Pygmy Puffs vs. the Moon Frogs." He replied glancing at the tickets as they approached the gate. Handing the attendant the tickets, Benjy motioned to let his date go through the turnstile first.

Once they had entered the stadium, Benjamin noticed the little kids flying around getting ready for their match. "Have you ever played?" He asked glancing between the flying kids and Lyra. The redhead glanced around looking for both seats and food, in case his date wanted anything. Once he spotted the food, he smiled before turning back towards the young woman. "Did you want anything to eat or drink now while we're still up?" He figured that he would get something if she wanted something. Otherwise they could go get settled in their seats as they waited for the match to begin.
"Well, so far I haven't met anyone named Benjy before..." She confessed with a smile, and trust her when she says that she has met a lot of people. Then the blonde shrugged and laughed "I suppose so." She admitted "But then, what fun would it be if we had very common names, right? After all, one should always work to stand out among a crowd."

Lyra smiled warmly as she glanced down at the bear again, resisting the urge to pull it out of its bag and hug it tight "I'm sure it will." She said cheerfully "and I'm sure this charming thing will hold pleasant memories."

She then glanced down at the arm that he had offered and interlocked hers with his as she beamed up at him "Pygmy Puffs, huh?" She repeated as she glanced down at the pair of tickets in his hands before looking back out towards the field, watching the little players fly around "I do hope they play well, I'm rather fond of the fuzzy creatures." She joked. To say that she was fond of pygmy puffs was a drastic understatement...she adored the little creatures - much to her cousin's annoyance.

"A little." She admitted with an almost embarrassed smile "I only play at home though, most of my friends aren't particularly fond of brooms." She said with a roll of her eyes as she remembered the prim and proper ladies of Beauxbaton's - now the guys were a whole different matter, but playing Quidditch with them was as good as jumping off a cliff. She then glanced towards him and asked "What about you?"

"Not particularly." She said as she scrutinized the food stall, trying to decide whether she wanted something to eat or not "But if you're going to buy something, then I'm fine with whatever it is you're having."
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