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Originally Posted by brelovesweasleys View Post
This carriage ride was nice and romantic, he remembered Mil-.... Someone else once said to him that this would be perfect. And it was perfect, even if it wasn't with.... her. She worked in the Ministry? And Derrick didn't know her.. Interesting. "I also work in the Ministry.. I'm Personal Assistant to the Minister of Magic" Which he was VERY proud of.

er... Now what? "So um... Do you have any pets? Wait.... You don't have kids.... Do you?" Cause That might be a problem... Slightly.
He was what? Wait. That was his position in the Ministry? Uh-oh. Now, she feels like she's really obliged to be nice to him. "Wow." was all she could say. She was feeling small now.

"Kids? No.." Eliza said, and then she started chuckling. "No kids, no pets..I'm not really that fond taking care of creatures and living things." Merlin, what was she saying? Her father wants her to get married so she could give him a grandchild and now, she's actually saying she didn't like to take care of kids! "I..uhm..well, how old are you Derrick?" that wasn't such a bad question, right?


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