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Ayumi kept laughing when Rylan started stuttering while answering her. "I'm kidding" she said giggling. Ayumi is seriously not the kind of girl that would take anything of the so-called jokes seriously. "Truth be told, I wished that i was born with an identical twin. Being fraternal is so boring and quite honestly not that fun" she said. It would be fun to have an identical Ayumi. Pulling pranks and having a guessing game would be definitely fun. Ohhh, not to mention dressing up as her twin sister and pretending that she is her twin sister.

Sigh. She had to be fraternal with the boring and goody two-shoes, Ryu.

Crabs are always delicious to eat, that's for sure. "You're not allergic to shrimp right?" she remembered asking this question. She had a date once whom was allergic to shrimp and their date ended out in the hospital. It was very alarming and not to mention traumatizing.

Ayumi looked at the cooler "Oh well... That's okay... I guess?" she smiled. It doesn't really matter whether or not they have a grand meal or not. Having this place was already enough to be thankful with. The matchmaker did so well, Ayumi is now thanking that she is a witch.

Swimming... Ayumi nodded. "Sounds fun" she smiled to Rylan when he suggested they take a dip. The beach did look very nice and it's been a long time since she last took a swim on salt water.
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