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"We?" Mandie asked dubiously. He was referring to himself and...who? That was...kinda strange.


Mandie felt herself led out onto the dance floor and tried to control her cheek colour, glancing in the reflective glass on a painting of Venice; Mandie noticed the colour had subsided in the majority. Good.

She turned back to face Dominic and now worked on organising her feet and hands to dance to the waltz like music in the background. Dancing had been a skill her mother had taught her; only classical of course. Mandie had been okay at it well... better than most of the girls her age had been anyway.

At Dominic's question she raised her gaze from watching where her feet were treading, to his handsome face, "No, not-not really. I expected a blind date to go into shambles actually." Mandie fluttered her eyelashes, not intentionally in a flirtatious way, she just a little embarrassed.

"How about you?" She asked, "Were you expecting a dream date with a pretty girl, or... you know, one with someone like me?"
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