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Originally Posted by Child of a Half-Moon View Post
Logan. Lo-gan. Lowww-gan.

She liked it. It was a quick name, that came to the tongue easily. "Looks like it." She had a strange accent. She was raised speaking fluent Irish in the wilds of Connemara in Galway, until she was six, when she was shipped to Merthyr in Wales, where a Scottish governess had taught her everything a child need know.

She thought for a moment, wondering if she ought to honestly admit she had never skiied in her life, or pretend it was something she had done multiple times, thus coming across as a well experienced citizen of humanity.

But Edith was wise enough to know better. "No," she admitted. "But I have fallen off a cliff." She grinned. It was true, she had fallen off a cliff in France, in to the sea, but that probably wouldn't help her skiing skills.
Logan nodded. He wondered how she was at skiing. Was he going to have to catch her if she fell or would he have to keep up with her? He was really curious now.

Oh, so she hadn't skiied. Okay, well at least he wasn't going to dread the date now. Hah, she was funny, but she almost had a unique attitude that Logan didn't understand. Logan was always intimidated by girls who were close to his age that seemed witty and Edith sure seemed like it to him. But, he wasn't going to judge from the start without even going on the date, that just wasn't him.

"Well I'm going to keep an eye on you once we start, I'm making sure you're not falling off of cliffs or mountains or...really anything." He chuckled. That would be ridiculous if that actually happened here, especially on a date.

"By the way, are you alright? I saw that you landed on your knee." He said, hoping she was.
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