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Originally Posted by FireboltAvis88 View Post
Cheyenne frowned when she heard Alex mention the fact she must have spent a lot a time dressing up for this occasion. She hadn't even spent that much time at all. She had just grabbed a pair of pants, a blouse and some sandals because she didn't really know what kind of date she was going on. Did it look like she was vain or something? Cheyenne just shrugged the though away. Maybe she was just reading too much into what he meant. Maybe he was paying her a compliment although it really didn't sound like one. Maybe he was feeling awkward like she was.

"Oh thanks for your help, Alex. I think that I'm safely in the boat now."Cheyenne gave him a smile as she sat down opposite from him.
When she frowned Alex gave her a little confused look. Maybe she didn't like what he said? Anyways, she didn't look to think too much into it so he shrugged off the idea.

He took his seat on the boat ride and it began to move on its own, creating a low gurgling noise beneath them as it ripped the water aside. The boat directed itself and went down the riverbank. It set its sight on a dimly lit tunnel.

" Have you ever been on a boat ride? Any type really,sail boat, ship boat, cruise?" Alex asked. "Cruise ships are so fun. You can go swimming and watch theater and karakoo and dance around with Disney or Nickolodeon characters." He then shut himself up there. Oddly enough he was getting too carried away with his question. And Cheyenne probably had no clue what Disney and Nickolodeon meant.
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