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Cheyenne waited for the strange sensation to subside before she removed her grip from the branch she happened to appear next to. She looked around and didn't have the slightest idea where she was. 'Okay, this is going to be very interesting indeed.' she thought to herself when she saw the young man standing near a boat that was floating on the river.

She looked around to see whether anyone else was around and when she didn't, she figured that this was her date for the day. So she inspected her attire to make sure that she didn't get it smudged during the 'traveling' process. She was wearing a white blouse, yellow pants and flat sandals. 'I guess this is going to be appropriate as it's going to get.'

Cheyenne made her way to the man and smiled sticking out her hand. "Hello I guess you must be my date for today. My name is Cheyenne."
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