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Cade abandoned the top of the respective children in their lives. She didn't want to bore him by being that mother, and she didn't have much to contribute about his nephew. She could say that ten was a good age, which is what people always said, but really, every age was good, wasn't it? It had been for Carrigan.

"Starving, actually. Well, not literally starving. I'll live to see another flea market, but I am hungry. What looks good to you here?" As in... was he morally opposed to hot dogs? To those little bags of sugared nuts? Oooh. Fresh lemonade! So many options.

Waiting for him to survey the options, Cade considered the fact that she'd been sure she was going to end up in Creatures when she'd applied at the Ministry. Imagine if this Atticus was her boss instead of Van. How would that have been? They certainly wouldn't be here now. Hmm. "Department Head. That's impressive. Do you still get to work with animals, or is it all tied up in bureaucracy? I'm Magical Law Enforcement, if you can believe it. Improper Use of Magical Objects Division Chief, although that's so recent a promotion, I sometimes forget."
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