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Originally Posted by tomewitch View Post
After a few more sighs, Eliza turned her head when she heard someone greeting her. So, this man was Derrick? She thought as she eyed him curiously. But quickly averted her eyes somewhere else, when he apologized. "''s fine. I was just a bit too early," she told him. Well, what else could she do? Her father was so pushy. "Thanks Derrick." she received the bouquet of flowers and smelled it. "They're pretty. Thank you." Now, what? "Oh..and I'm Eliza. It's nice to finally meet you." Should she ask him to get in the carriage now or what?

"So I guess we should probably get started.. Derrick awkwardly climbed into the carriage.. Gah Corin, You bloody cousin! Corin Vanderbilt had set him up on a blind date after things went south with.... Nevermind. Derrick! Think about something else! Once he was situated the carriage driver started getting the horses going and whatnot. "So, Eliza, You have a very pretty name by the way.. What do you do?" Simple enough question to start things off right?
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