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Default Art Museum

As you enter the Wizarding Museum of Art, you are greeted by a portrait of a lady in a red uniform with a little pillbox hat. She explains the rules of this establishment. "All of the art is affixed to the wall by permanent sticking charms, so don't even think of trying to remove them. Flash photography is not allowed, as some of the subjects will ask for you to pay them for the right to use their likeness. And you don't want that." She giggled.

"Each section has a guide portrait that will describe the art in the room. You will know them by the ribbon on the top of the frame" She pointed to hers. "The restricted section has paintings in it that are not particularly friendly. I wouldn't talk to those. No eating in the museum itself. It makes the statues hungry and they tend to try to move and walk to the cafeteria which is right over there." She pointed to the left.

"Oh and please be sure to stop by our exhibit room. This month it's the Romantic Period in the Medieval Art. Enjoy!" She said and motioned into the museum.