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Rylan was glad that he had gotten a subject to talk about because he felt a bit nervous walking next to her. He had been on dates before but this was the first time that he did not know what to say. It wasn't in the sense of that he was bored but everytime he looked at Ayumi he began to faintly blush and he couldn't come up with a sentence...

Was he weird?

Feeling relieved that Ayumi didn't think his question was strange, he listened to her as she spoke. He had the feeling she was originally from Japan but only smiled and nodded his head. "You have a twin?" he asked, raising his eyebrows a little bit. "Identical twin or fraternal?" Because if she had a identical twin then there would be two of the same beauty on this planet!

Smirking a little bit at his thoughts, Rylan turned his head to look at the waves in the sea quickly. But he had to look back when she mentioned Hogwarts. "You went to Hogwarts as well? me too!" It wasn't that big of a shock that a witch or wizard went to Hogwarts in England. But he had talked to a few who came from that french school. The one with the difficult name... "I was in Hufflepuff" he smiled. "And as for me..." he scratched his hair , making the side stick out a little bit.

"I was actually born and raised Milton Keynes, England" Yup. Big shock? or no? He walked further along the beach next to Ayumi when he suddenly stepped on something hard. Looking down he noticed a seashell under his foot and bend down to pick it up. Her last question made him laugh as he continued to walk further. "To be honest, i didn't sign up at the Matchmaker." he said and pocketed the shell, he would use it later. "My nephew thought it was funny to use my ID and sign me in the system" he sighed once. "I think he was hoping i would get a date with a old man or something but if he knew what beauty i had for a date, he would kill me in jealousy"


Had he just said B.E.A.U.T.Y out loud?! O__O Yup he did. Realising what he had admitted he quickly looked away to hide his face. The sea was strangely interesting...
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