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Yes, now that he mentioned it, it was a little bit obvious...he was overly confident in himself...she shrugged her left shoulder and smiled at him and said flirtingly teasingly, "Yes, I think I can see Gryffie written all over your face...let's see...that would make you brave...courageous...over confident and a little reckless..." she said the last word with a little bit of questioning tone to it....she had a feeling that he was a little bit crazy reckless.

He had meta blood in his family...interesting..."How odd for it to be passed to your sister and not to your brother and you..." she said with her eyebrow cocked a little bit..."Too bad it is a fun trait to have...I would love to meet your sister and compare notes...maybe that would help her feel a little bit better about it...I mean I always match no matter what color I'm wearing..." she smiled at him and looked at his shirt, "and I can always match whomever I'm with..." she said as her hair changed to the perfect copy of his shirt....once she knew the transformation was over she winked at was kind of nice to think that someone wouldn't freak out about her changing colors.

"When did you graduate from Hoggy warts?" she asked wondering if they might have passed each other in the halls without knowing it...o she hoped he didn't completely remember her...she was a dork in school...

"I was a Keeper and occasional Beater," he nodded. "Never played after school though. Journalism was more my thing." Which often times surprised people since he didn't look as though he could write his way out of a wet paper bag.

Confident to be comfy...she almost laughed at that that was a first..she glanced into his eyes at his comment on kisses on the first date and just simply said, "Well no kissing on the first date...what a shame..." she said nudging him softly in the side...and then the flirting kicked back in...o yes she was good at this part...she was a teaser after all...she believed the same thing about no kissing on a first date but...she had never thought she'd be taking off in an airplane to jump out of it kissing on the first date might be an idea for this adventure... "maybe I'll be another exception..." she said squeezing his hand slightly.
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