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Originally Posted by DanialRadFAN01 View Post
"Not a problem." he said with a shrug, continuing to wiggle his line in the water, hoping to Merlin he didn't catch anything. Armen didn't feel like touching any fish right now.

So it was her turn to spill where she was from and his past to him, he waited patiently to hear. "Oh you're from the States? I've actually dealt with their Ministry a few times and have visited a few places here and there." D.C was one of them, obviously. "It's nice, more variation in weather that's for sure." he chuckled thinking of their temperate zones, desserts, and plains. So different than Britain.

"Well that seems nice, I guess Hogwarts brings all of us back to England, we can't stay away it seems." he laughed again, the first genuine one since they had arrived. He was enjoying the company more also. "I was in Ravenclaw, and you?" the thirty-six year old said, trying to place her in a house in his mind. He hadn't recognized her or her name but that didn't mean they may have attended school together, that place was still big.
She smiled at his 'weather variation' comment. "So true." Sometimes having such a large nation could be a good thing. "What's your favorite place to visit? Personally, I love New Orleans. The people are just really friendly and the food's amazing." Though she could do without the bugs. Those weren't so fun to have to deal with…

"Just when you thought you were out, it pulls you back in!" Roxanne exclaimed, laughing at her own dumb joke. She was feeling a lot more comfortable and was being to enjoy this little date thing. "I was in Slytherin. Unfortunately, I stuck with mostly fellow snakes…" School unity hadn't exactly been her strong point.
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