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Originally Posted by Hermione Lily Potter View Post
Benjamin smiled as the woman, Lyra, took a little while to realize that he was there. "Not a problem. and Lyra it is." He replied gently grasping her hand and planting a little kiss on it. "You can call me Benjy if you wish. Though I also respond to Benjamin." Benjy grinned broadly as she giggled about the 'Benny' name.

Looking down at himself, in his long sleeve gray shirt and jeans, he noticed the bag he was holding. "oh, right..." Benjy took the bag and held it out to Lyra. "This is for you." As he waited for her to open it, Benjy fished around in his pocket for the tickets to get into the pitch.
She was pretty sure was she tinged with a not-so-light shade of pink by now, but that didn't matter, after all she was pretty sure any woman when kissed on the back of her hand would blush even more than she did. "Well, aren't you just a gentleman?" Lyra said with a laugh after he released her hand. The blonde then noddded and said with a smile "Nice to meet you Benjy. It's not a very common name, is it?"

When he held out the bag that he had been holding, she smiled and reached out for it "Thank you." She then peered over the top of the bag and grinned at the sight of the bear "Thank you!" The woman said enthusiastically as she beamed up at Benjy "I love teddy bears!"

She then closed the bag once more placed the straps through her arm, holding it like a bag "So, who's playing?" She asked as she glanced towards the Quidditch pitch, even from where she was standing she could already see a few kids zooming around on their brooms, probably having the time of their lives.

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