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A Ravenclaw? "Well, that's a relief. If you had been a Snake I would have called the date right now," he said just as the plane's engine kicked in. "I thought it was rather obvious," he grinned from ear to ear. Come on, the confidence, the pride, the ridiculously good looks. There was only one house he could belong to. "I'm a Gryffindor, my entire family is minus my one younger brother who was sorted into Ravenclaw." Takashi would have made a terrible Gryffindor anyway, so there was no shame there. He eyed the blue hair again. So that was why the blue? Ravenclaw pride and all that? Ryu had had a spell where he had red highlights in his hair, but that hadn't lasted too long - mostly due to his mother freaking out about it.

"Pops is one, a meta I mean," he nodded. The trait didn't pass down to him or his brothers, which Ryu somehow found to be a relief considering how hard it already had been growing up. "My little sister too, but we don't talk about it much. She hates it. " And with good reason. Being a ruddy mood ring for the world to see wasn't any way to live your life. Sure, she was getting better at controling it, but recent events had his little sister losing whatever control over it she had. "She is at Hogwarts now, a fifth year," he explained with an obvious pride in his voice.

"I was a Keeper and occasional Beater," he nodded. "Never played after school though. Journalism was more my thing." Which often times surprised people since he didn't look as though he could write his way out of a wet paper bag.

At her next comment, all he could do was smirk. "Comfy...confident, no difference really," he said rather smugly. "You have to be confident to be comfy after all." Or something like that. He had sort of just made that up on the spot. And he continued to laugh when she smirked. "I don't know what sort of Gryffindors you have dated, but I don't kiss on the first date. Granted, there has been an exception, but I'm a bit old fashion in that sense." He was actually being genuine here, surprisingly. Ignore that he currently had a love potion tucked away in his pocket should things start heading south. It wasn't there so he could guarantee himself action. Nope. He wasn't THAT sort of lion. More for his own sense of pride - which was the biggest contradiction ever.

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