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Carter nodded. He could tell the difference. And he enjoyed the drink. "Muggleborn." he said simply. "I was raised on the stuff."

Okay. Not exactly. His parents were doctors... so it was more like he snuck the stuff growing up.

Carter nodded to the shopkeeper to indicate their order was complete. After paying and receiving the drinks, he handed her coffee to her. "Shall we?" he asked nodding to the carriages.

He took a sip of his soda and smiled. Refreshing. He needed to get more of the stuff. He'd been locked up in the wizarding world too long.

He chuckled a little at the question. "I'm afraid I'm awful at it." he confessed. "You're going to be stuck with questions about the color toothbrush you have and... if you like dogs." Which he, coincidentally did.
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