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Originally Posted by DanialRadFAN01 View Post
"A neutral topic would be wonderful." Armen said, wanting to point out that she had made the mistake of telling him where she worked--the worst department in the Ministry in his opinion. She didn't hear him bringing up the Cult, or it's business did she? Seriously, was that appropriate lake fishing conversation?

"Well I grew up in a small village in France called Gordes where my family still owns and runs a Winery. My mom and dad still live on the estate there and my younger brother Eli runs the place now. I have two younger brothers, Eli and his twin Ellis, and an older sister Aubrey. We all had lived there for a while but Aubrey and I went to Hogwarts and then stayed in London afterwards. Ellis lives here too." he nodded. He didn't get to see him that often, he was always running around at parties and crashing at his Quidditch teammates' flats.

"So where are you from?" He asked as he watched her real in the boot and then freak out because it wasn't a fish. Recard leaned towards her and grabbed the rod to steady it before pulling the boot from the hook for her and then tossing it further down the dock. That had been enteraining to watch.
Roxanne watched as he reached over and detached the boot from her pole. As this was going on, she couldn't help but notice that he wasn't really that bad looking. Maybe evenů slightly attractive? Trying to clear her head of this thought, she said "Thank you," recasting her line.

"Oh, I'm from Albany, New York where my father owns a chain of retail stores that are pretty successful, over there anyway. My brother Sam and I bounced back and forth between Hogwarts and home until we graduated and went to college. I eventually settled in Washington D.C. until I landed in London a little over a year ago." She really hoped that the whole 'pretty successful' thing hadn't come off as bragging. It was more a statement about an inescapable piece of her life.

She caught on to something it seemed they both had in common. "You went to Hogwarts? Which house were you in?" Couldn't have been Slytherin, she would've seen him around. Unless he was younger than herů
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