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Easton frowned and stared at the letter he had recieved. For some strange reason, his brother had wanted him to come and 'experience' the London area. He wasn't entire sure what that had meant, but figured he'd stay at his brother's house for a little while like a normal person. But apparently, that wasn't what Emery had in mind for him. Em had wanted to take him everywhere and make sure he got the tourist experience. But Easton would have no part in that.

So, he evaded his brother one evening and signned himself up for some sort of dating service. It wasn't like he really needed to go to a dating service- he always did fine on his own when it came to girls. But, he was extremely curious as to what it might be liek to go on a blind date, so here was the young man, all ready to meet some new faces. SMIRK. He just needed to find the girl first, didn't he?

With curious green eyes scouring the place as he entered, Easton paused. Surely, there had to be an easier way to find this woman rather than just screaming her name and hoping someone responded. Someone who was preferably good looking. Feeling that there was no other option, Easton went up to each woman standing at the entrance. Using his natural charm, he asked each woman if their name was Gabrielle LeBlanc.

Having no luck with the first few, he continued to a blond woman. A rather beautiful blond woman. GRIN. "You wouldn't happen to be Gabrielle LeBlanc, would you?" He batted his eyelashes sweetly, grin plastered across his face.
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