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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Atticus's smile grew at her response. Cade liked animals too? An animal lover even? "Excellent!" Now that they were on this subject, the booths they walked by barely got a passing glance. None of them seemed to have anything creature-related, so he wasn't really interested now.

"That would be a wonderful thing to do." Getting a rescue crup, that is. Those crups needed a home more than the ones living in their breeders' comfortable homes. He was going to say more when he realized she'd mentioned she had a daughter. "Oh? How old is she?"

When she asked about whether he had any pets, he nodded. "I have two cats and a hippogriff - though I'm not sure you can really call him 'my' pet. It's more the other way around really." He chuckled.
Cade paused at a booth offering vintage garments and jewelry, putting on oversized sunglasses that gave her a bug-eyed look. Hmm. It was a move to distract herself from the fact that she'd spoken of Carrigan far sooner than she'd intended. Hiding the fact that she had a daughter had never crossed her mind, but saying it within the first 20 minutes made her one of those monster mamas that pulled out wallet photos every other minute.

"Carrigan is five. Going on 80. She can talk your ear off about the difference between carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs, but she has no interest in Babbity Rabbity." Her tone was fond as she fussed with the sunglasses before putting them down again.

A hippogriff, though? That was fascinating, if not very dangerous. "How does one come to own... or to be owned by a hippogriff? What do you call it?" And what does it eat and how much room does it require and how does he keep it from eating the cats? SO MANY QUESTIONS.
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