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Ayumi lowered her arm and took a deep breath. When was the last time she actually dated ever since she started working again? Merlin! Time flew by without telling her. Has it really been THAT long?!

Anyways, Ayumi tried stretching her arms and fingers a bit before this mysterious guy would appear. Then she heard footsteps. Are they suppose to be joining someone other than this Rylan person?

She was a bit surprise to hear someone calling her name--- her last name. Miss Takahashi. When was the last time someone called her that anyway? Well, except for her boss but other than her bosses, no one ever called her in that manner. She stood up and turned to see who it was....

Now, finding herself speechless. YES! It's such a good thing that she listened to her mother's rambling. It was after all, her suggestion to do these sort of stuffs and now her view is much better than she had ever imagined. She took her sun hat off and greeted the person "I suppose you're Rylan right?" she smiled as she gestured a hand for him.

"I'm not into formal stuffs so Ayumi would do" she giggled. "Nice to finally meet you" very nice indeed.
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