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When he first heard he'd be visiting a MUSEUM for this date thing, Derek had considered owling his date and asking her if she wanted to go somewhere more awesome some other time. Because museums were NOT fun and were for weird smart people like his stepsister Vashti or his dad. But then he'd realized - well, his dad had actually pointed it out - that the museum was actually a QUIDDITCH museum. And that instantly made it more awesome. So here he was.

It didn't seem his date was here yet though. What was her name? Sonia...something. He didn't remember. The first name was what was most important though anyway, so he figured he was still okay. Wasn't like he was going to call his date by her last name the entire time. That'd be weird.

He also couldn't remember what time this date thing was supposed to start. He knew he wasn't late, but he didn't know how long he would be waiting for his date to arrive. Should've checked the time, shouldn't he? Oh well.

Derek occupied himself with whistling a catchy tune he'd heard the other day and pacing baaaack and fooorth, thiiis way and thaaat way, waaaiting waaaiting waaaaiting.
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