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Default Living History Museum Date: Carter Phillips and Brynn Pierce

Muggle history can sometimes be as interesting as our wizarding history, and today you and your date are going to find out this. The Black Country Living Museum will take you back in time, showing you the history of the local area that is known as the Black Country. The museum is open air, and made up of re-built historical buildings from the area, allowing you to see just how people used to live in the past. What makes this museum special is that the buildings are original, and have been taken down brick by brick, and moved to the living museum, which create helps to create the magic, with the locals portraying what life was like between the years of 1850 and 1950

Not only is there historical buildings for you to visit, but there is also a coal mine, which shows you just how it was like to work down a mine. With the dark tunnels, and low roofs, this is something not to miss. If you and your date don’t exactly feel like going down the mine, why not visit the school, which shows you what education was like in the 19th century.

The museum is quite large, and instead of walking around, there are various modes of transport for you to use. You and your date could take a journey on the tram or a trolley bus which will take you to from the entrance of the museum, right down to the village where all the historical buildings are. Take your time enjoying this historical living museum, and if you get hungry there always that chip shop, selling original fish and chips, cooked as by tradition.