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Default Wizard Rock Concert Date: Easton Rhodes and Gabrielle LeBlanc

Put on your concert togs and head out to meet your date at the Bott Concert Pavilion just outside of London. This brand new concert venue only recently opened, and the world famous band Disorder of the Phoenix is doing a huge, loud show tonight to help introduce the facility to the Wizarding world.

Dapper men in uniforms stand at each entrance and hand out little gift bags containing a variety of free products for the first 100 fans, including Bott's beans, Ellsberry cosmetics, and a signed Disorder wristband that glows in the dark. Once inside, the place is subtly lit until the loud music comes up and the lights go down, at which time the screaming fans will surge toward the stage to watch Gilbert Vickers singing lead and Zap on drums. Dance the night away to catchy hits like "There's a hole in my Cauldron (and also my heart)."

You might want to grab a bite at a nearby diner once the concert lets out, as most restaurants will already be closed.