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Originally Posted by DanialRadFAN01 View Post
If things could get more awkward Armen would throw himself into the lake.

After being called a gopher and then him reacting with the perfect amouth of distaste she decided to call him out on it. The nerve. He agreed she was no Emily Browne in the rude department or that rude at all but still. "I'm not fishing for information, I was just wondering." he said sort of innocently. "I haven't been down on level two in a while and I was just wondering how a former collegue was doing."

'Like if he had tripped using that cane yet.'

"It looks like you have a bite." he said pointing at her fishing pole as the bobber sunk below the surface.
Wondering, rriiight. Roxanne decided to let that slide though. After all, she hadn't been looking for awkwardness when she had signed up for this whole blind-matchmaker-date thing. Nope. "Why don't we move this conversation to a more neutral topic?" Before someone says something they'll regret. She thought for a minute before coming up with something more pleasant. "So, where did you grow up?" she asked, reeling in her line.

When she had reeled in enough that whatever it was was dangling over the water, she had to do a double take. A boot?! Who threw their boots in the water?! "Okay, I'm not touching that!" Fish she could handle, but boots?!
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