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Lexi began her walk around the rooftop, thinking how this was much less frightening to her, a witch, than it would be to a Muggle. As a matter of fact, she wasn't frightened at all. She'd flown a million and one times and apparated far more. To her, this was just as simple as being in a restaurant. Only, there were considerably less people. As a matter of fact, she was starting to think she was the only one here.

Her date didn't stand her up, did he?! The nerve!

Just when she was starting to think that might be possible, she turned around and saw him. Her date. Or, she assumed he was her date. He was the only other person up here besides her. What if he was just up here for a nighttime stroll? She'd look silly if she just assumed he was here for her. At least he was a looker, too! Lexi was a nice person and wouldn't have been rude to a less than attractive person, but it helped so much that this man looked good.

"Hello," she said, stepping forward. She'd let him take the next step. That is, figuring out if they were each other's date.
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