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Hey Allison, wonderful continuation of the party scene. And about this;
I'll admit I haven't read this one in a little while so I bit rusty, but I'm pretty sure there was either a vampire at Slughorn's party of the Ghost Nick's birthday party...can't quite remember but I thought it would be amusing to add in!
Yes he was at Slughorn's party, he kept wanting to get close to the group of giggling girls. I wonder why

And this is my favorite part of your post;
"I realize that given the rather vast expansion in your powers that you received in such a short period of time, it was wrong of me to put you in a situation where you felt cornered," Snape responded, saying the last word slowly like he wasn't sure if that was the right term.

"Um...thank you," I managed to respond with much more composure. "I offer my apologies know," I said, feeling myself starting to get slightly uncomfortable.

"It is alright. As such, I would like to meet with you and try and figure out why it is that your mother can get into your head like that. I'm not sure if you're aware that as you were muttering to yourself and the voice coming out was definitely not your own."

I was silent. I hadn't know...I had only thought her voice was in my head. In the moment I had no idea why I decided that I could trust Snape and ask him such a personal question, but I did.

"Can my mother control me?"

Snape was quiet for a moment, looking out the window behind the table.

"I do not know."
Very nicely done, and it was the perfect way to end your post. I just can't wait for your next one.
Great work Allison, I'll be watching for your next.
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