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Paris was going to kill her brothers for doing this to her. Paris Emily Greenwood DID NOT need a blind date. She was one of Witch Weekly's Most Eligible Bachelorettes.

The memory of her date with Nik was still vivid in her mind. She knew he was just as taken with her as she was with him, but both of them being predators neither of them was willing to make the first declaration. With that move came the perceived lose of power and Paris liked being in control of things. That was just her nature.

But here she was in the desert no less on a blind date. She pulled her hat lower and pushed her sunglasses up higher to block out the glare of the sun. Though the heat didn't bother her. She had spent plenty of summers in her family home in Ghana.

Paris stifled a yawn and picked her way through the ruins taking in all the history. She stood back as she spotted her date. "At least he is cute," she muttered. But she priced his entire outfit at less than $500. Not that she was that snobby, but it didn't bode well.

She sighed and made her way over to him as she noticed him looking at his watch like she was late. "Perfection takes time if you haven't noticed." Paris pointed out to him as she finally made it over to him. Even in her heeled boots she was still half a head shorter than him, but that was no bother. She was always the shortest in the room.
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