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Default Tour of Ancient Petra Date: Junichiro Sasaki and Paris Greenwood

Once the capital city of the ancient Nabataean kingdom is Petra; famous for its beautiful architecture, and breathtaking scenery. The former trading city is only accessible by foot (or horses and donkeys the first half) through the mile long Siq gorge, sandstone cliffs rising high on both sides of the path that varies in width as you travel through. Small niches, carvings, and shrines of ancient god and goddesses are there to explore along the long meandering walk. The gorge narrows once more to reveal the wondrous site of Al Khaznah, more commonly referred to as The Treasury.

After the long trek, Petra has finally been reached.

The Treasury is carved into the canyon wall, its true beauty remaining in the exterior as the interior is mostly recessed area. The only semi-permanent inhabitants of the valleyís entrance are the camels, donkeys, horses, and their owners looking to rent out their tired creatures.

Around the next bend is the Street of Facades, a large canyon that contains the frontal of many tombs. The Roman Theater, a Greek style amphitheater still used for occasional performances, is at the end of the long street, and just a short walk up a hill over on the opposite side are the Royal Tombs, grander in size than all the others.

The opposite end of Perta has the impressive temple, the Monastery, which is about an hourís climb on rock-cut steps by donkey or foot. And itís well worth it for the view.

Explore all that the ancient city has to offer, including Basin Restaurant where they serve delicious Middle Eastern foods and small vendors that hot and cold beverages and snacks. The Matchmaker team has provided you both with backpacks supplied with everything you and your date will need, including muggle money for the food, and those nifty decorative sand arts.