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Cairán couldn't believe his best friend had done this too him. Honestly! Couldn't he just keep his nose out and let him search for a woman on his own terms? You'd think at thirty-three the other Scottish man would have stopped interfering by now... but apparently that wasn't Dash's style. Great. He smirked slightly as he thought about putting Dash's details in for the service. He needed to pay his friend back for the kind thought after all.

Rolling his eyes, and putting Dash for from his thoughts, Cai placed his hand on the portkey (finally) and gritted his teeth against the urge to be sick. God, he hated travelling by portkey. He'd rather disapparate a thousand times in one day - that do it. Sigh. Guess there wasn't anything about it he could do this time though. He wouldn't even complain - afterall, it wasn't like it would be a surprise date if they knew where to apparate to.

Sighing as he felt his feet finally land on something hard, he opened his eyes and looked around. His nose turned up slightly and he raised a single eyebrow. What the--? Scowling deeply, Cairán took a turn around the roof, long even strides leading him quickly to the other side of the shabby looking ground where he noticed that it wasn't quite as dismal as he had first noticed. This, was at least something better than a dirty old rooftop.

Shaking away the thoughts he took off to look around and to see if he could find anyone else here.

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