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He didn't know what made him send in one of those applications, but as he had passed that shop in Diagon Alley, something made him backtrack to it. Jack Hart was by no means a serious dater, but thought it'd be fun to see just who this Ms. Raphael paired him with. Quite frankily, he was already enjoying his date way too much. Dragon watching? For real? Well if Ms. Raphael insisted...

Walking towards the command station, not being able to resist a little jiggy move every now and then, what with the snowy and icy grounds making it perfect and easy to do, Jack finally began to walk normal once the station came into sight. Don't want to look like an idiot already. Besides, there was some pretty bird standing there. Practically the only person. Bugger. Was he late? "Hello." he smiled, adjusting his leather jacket. "Not late, am I?"

Who was she?
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