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He nodded. Cade it was then.

So far, this was working out quite well. She was very nice and easy to get along with, and she even seemed to like the flowers he had been so worried about. "Yes, I suppose they are," Atticus answered, smiling. He could only hope that he and Cade would still be happy by the end of this date. So long as he didn't mess anything up... already seemed he might have. She'd sneezed. She was allergic, and she was just too nice to say it, wasn't she? "Bless you," he said. "I - er - can take those back if you're allergic to them or...something..."

As for the flea market... "No, I'm afraid I've never been to any flea market." So this was definitely a new experience for him. "Perhaps we could just go to the nearest one and work our way around?" Seemed like the most logical way to start.
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