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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Harvey? That was an interesting name. Certainly one Gabi had never heard around here before. "Nice to meet you Harvey," she said with a smile as she shook his hand. She chuckled at his small talk and then nervously looked out at the boat.

"Well, I wouldn't say we HAVE to, right? I mean, what are they going to do, FORCE us in it?" she asked with a slight chuckle, desperately trying to mask the fear in her voice. Gabriela Schultz DID NOT FEAR ANYTHING.
What say we just have a nice relaxing little date, right here on the nice solid ground then. Nooo way was he going to even consider stepping into the boat.

The Riverbed looked beautiful and the water had a nice glow to it. They could enjoy all the wonders of this date right here.

I'll be just a minute He said as he went down to inspect what was in the boat. A blanket, and some Hot Cocoa with two thermos'. Pulling his wand from his cane he summoned them from the boat to the dry land. Sheathing his wand he placed it on the ground and gripped it tightly, planting his good left foot on to the side of the boat and kicked it off. Watching the boat float off in the direction they would have traveled if they got into it.

Picking up the blanket and Hot Cocoa supplies, Harvey carried them back to Gabriela with a slight grin on his face. All taken care of then.
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