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Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Roxanne squatted where the dock meet the lake bank, waiting for her date. As she she waited, she was checking over the fishing equipment, making sure the fishing lines were untangled and such. It seemed that everything was in order, unfortunately for her because she needed to keep her mind off the (ironic?) situation. Just a few weeks ago, she'd been bad mouthing the man, now they had been set up on a date? Yep, that settled it. Besides being ironic, fate had an evil sense of humor.

Roxanne exhaled as she made up her mind. She was going to enjoy herself. Even if it was with Armen Recard…

Fishing? O_______o

Armen was completely lost as to why they were going fishing on his date. Had he skipped over the question that said 'If you don't answer this one, we assume you love to Fish.'? After deciding after much deliberation not to just completely skip out and not show up, Armen had Apparated to the specificed location and walked out onto the dock to meet his date.

The man stopped by the place the woman was sitting and reached out to shake her hand and introduce himself. "Hello there, are you Roxanne?" he said hoping he had picked the right person and it wasn't just some Muggle lady or some fisherman's wife.

Hopefully she knew how to fish because the Ministry Gopher hadn't the slightest clue how.
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