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As you approach the open village square, the quiet roar of shopper chitter-chatter and the haggling of prices might alert your sense to the fact that you're at a flea market. But if your ears don't do the trick, then perhaps your nose will pick up on the scent of fresh caramel corn being popped, juicy hot dogs roasting on a grill, or even fresh lemonade being squeezed and sweetened by some of the vendors toward the back of the market.

Other than the refreshments offered to keep shoppers at the market all day, there are a wide variety of items available for purchase; sunglasses, bags, scarves, jewelry, handmade whistles and harmonicas, porcelain statues, 'as good as new' china, antiques, children's toys, wooden furniture, bolts of cloth, and a variety of other random items that could keep you there for hours on end.

Take your time browsing and remarking at the prices but beware: all is not as it seems and depending on the vendor, some prices are non-negotiable for a reason.