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Default Fishing Date: Armen Recard and Roxanne Carter

Sitting on the dock of the Tay...

Before you winds the chilly waters of the River Tay of Scotland. The dock is old, wooden, and rickety, but nothing to worry about! Fisherman and anglers are minding their own, making for cheery background noise as their day of fishing comes to a close. They'll be returning to their nearby fishing town, giving you and your date the privacy and rule of the river. The air is slightly fishy, but nothing overwhelming. You'll get used to it. An occasional fish jumps out of the water, perhaps celebrating another day it wasn't snatched from its home.

Two lounge chairs and a picnic basket await for a light dinner, but in the meantime, why not see if the fish are biting? Two rods and reels are set up on the dock. Beside those, you'll find a tackle box full of complicated muggle fishing tackle. Careful with those! Hook one to your line...

...or use a line to hook your date .

In the event you or your date cannot swim, please use the provided life jackets. Or, just try not to fall in. Have fun and happy fishing!