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Hunter was just a tad bit nervous. He wasn't sure when the last time he'd ever been on a date had been. Definitely not since moving from the beautiful Hawaii isles to dreary England. He didn't even really know what to expect from this day, all he'd heard was they were to be going canoeing. Something he was comfortable with, thank merlin. Did that mean she was outdoorsy as well? He could only hope.

Reaching the meeting spot first, Hunt eyed the canoe and kayak waiting on the sand for them, before turning to scan the surrounding areas. He was looking for any sign of his date, but he was also taking in the beauty of the area.

Even if this ended as a fail, he could still be happy to have seen such a beautiful place not too far from his home. At least he knew where he could come next time he wanted an adventure?

Now, it was just to wait.
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