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Default Ice Skating Date: Toby Van-Der-Bilt and Erika Slade

The frozen lake stretches far and wide in Wimbledon, London, perhaps even being the resting place for a few unlucky birds who slip and slide along their way to the edges. Despite the fact that you can see your breath as clear as daylight, the toasty sunlight plays across your red noses and cheeks, maybe even enough to bring some feeling back into them. Regardless that the are is empty, it is apparent that this is quite a popular place for people all around, if the footprints in the snow or engravings from skating boots on the frozen lake top are any indication, yet the best clues are the various snowman built around. Some are in the traditional styles, while others have their personal flares to them, quite obviously wanting to stand out in the crowd.

A bare and snow filled tree close by near the edge of the frozen water holds two sets of white ice skates, charmed to shrink or grow depending on your shoe size for a comfortable fit. There is also a wooden bench underneath to put them on so you aren't sitting in the snow, or if your tired after a long day of ice skating, feel free to sit back and enjoy the rest of your time while you catch your breath. The few birds flying around, singing their musical songs and the various squirrels and rabbits scurrying around across the wide open, and relatively bare for now, outdoors could surely give a conversation starter.

The frozen lake is sturdy to skate on, race around, jump upon, and even fall down on for the more inexperienced skaters. We promise though, none of the snowman will tell of your lack of balance. Skate around as far as you'd like, but last and not least, have fun!