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She was out of food. Out of food and growing hungrier with each passing second. The Granian who, while fully grown, was a great deal smaller than the average sized winged-horse, gnawed at it's confinement in irritation, hoping to gain some attention from the two legged creature that'd recently placed her behind the steel bars that were definitely not food.

The creature checked once more.

Still not food. But it did open! These creatures clearly weren't as skilled in containing her like the previous creatures who raised her. The Pygmy Granian had liked them. They fed her good.

Nudging the cage door open, she ignored the other confined creatures beckoning for her attention and trotted around in search of food. Her nose lead her to a door that after being attacked by her powerfully short legs, was busted open. The pygmy granian tore apart everything in her path until suitable food was found.

After her self-feeding was over, it was to the door the two-legged creature exited through, tearing it apart with her legs, and trotting on through.
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